Best Electric Knife Sharpener Review and Buying Guide

Buying the best electric knife sharpener is no doubt compulsory in every kitchen. You might disagree until you find yourself battling with a blunt knife while trying to cut an onion or cut out a slice of bread, while a sharp knife will go right through it and get you a clean slice of bread, a blunt knife will turn everything into crumbs.

But lots of cooks or chefs and people generally are sometimes faced with the issue of having to buy new knife sharpeners every now and then due to the quick wearing out of already purchased but not efficient knife sharpeners which they then end up tossing into shelves or throwing out.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener

If you fall into such category then you are in luck because today, we are going to be looking at some very best electric knife sharpeners we have in the market and we will be giving our thoughts on the use and importance of these knife sharpeners.

But first, let us take a look at some other aspects of knife sharpeners like what they are and what you should look out for when buying them, this will help you a long way in deciding which is the best electric knife sharpener for you, here we go!

What is an electric knife sharpener?

Knife sharpeners generally are tools which are used to file out blunt edges of sharp objects mostly knives in this case. There are a variety of ways this can be done but it depends on the kind of sharpener being used.

There are also different sorts of sharpening materials out there, there are sharpening stones, sharpening rods, sharpening straps and so on which fall under manual sharpening materials and then we have the electric sharpening tools which includes the electric knife sharpeners and that is our main focus for today.

An electric knife sharpener far outweighs the manual types, as you know anything that can do a job itself is better than if it requires manual work or force, same goes for the electric knife as it does the whole job of overhauling your knives faster and much better.

Why do you need a knife sharpener?

It might seem unnecessary to have a knife sharpener around, in fact, some people see things like this as a waste of time and money, but the fact is that things like this that don’t seem to matter are what makes our cooking seamless and stress-free. (Whether you believe it or you do not believe it)

For a person like me that likes to be economical, I don’t jump to replace a utensil when it is faulty or non-functional without first checking to see if it can be fixed.

A lot of people do not know the difference between the use of a honing device and a knife sharpener, a honing device just aligns a knife to be straight which only needs to be done a few times a year, a knife can be unaligned and you wouldn’t know, which will make it not cut properly but it doesn’t mean the knife is not sharp.

But a knife sharpener actually grinds out bits and pieces from the knife thus leaving a middle sharp edge and this (depending on how you use your knife)needs to be done frequently than honing.

5 Outstanding electric knife sharpeners

The following is a list of 5 best electric knife sharpener that are available in the market right now. The reviews is based on personal experience and hours of research.

This beautiful knife sharpener is produced in china by the presto industries and sent globally. It comes in an attractive black and silver coloured modern design and is very portable.

The shape and design makes it fit to balance into any form of modern or traditional kitchen setting. It gives that soothing sharpening satisfaction that every knife should get when in use.


  • It comes at a good price.
  • It uses a two-stage system.
  • Attractive design.
  • Precision blade guides.
  • Very portable.


  • It doesn’t work well for fillet knives.
  • Requires very careful use (no pressure when in use).
  • It’s not for professional use.

Final verdict

This is an example of a perfect fit when it comes to choosing the best electric knife sharpener, it has all you ask for, and it is not create a hole in your pocket. Best of all it is portable and easy to put away till when next you need it which will most likely be a long time.

This lovely diamond abrasive knife sharpener is another tool that gives you just what you desire, it comes in three different colors to choose from, and it also has a very portable size.

It has a rubber bottom that holds the sharpener firmly in place when in use and it works well for all kinds of knives.

The best thing about CHEF'S CHOICE 130  knife sharpener is that chef's all around the world recommend it. So, you would not be disappointed if you get this.​


  • It uses a three-stage system.
  • It sharpens all types of knives.
  • It has a rubber bottom to hold the sharpener firmly.
  • Has a 100% diamond abrasive.
  • Has three years limited warranty.
  • Comes in different colours.


  • It works with 110 volts.
  • Replacement parts can be hard to get.
  • It comes at a high cost.

Final verdict

Although the price of this sharpener is on the high side I like some of the features they have added to it, like the rubber stabilising feet and I think it is better for you if you use it for commercial or for professional purposes.

This product is another unique knife sharpener, it has a patent and it is made in the USA. This means that they have the sole right to manufacture this knife sharpener and whatever you buy from them is guaranteed to be original. It can be used to sharpen most knife types and other tools as well such as scissors.

Also the red exterior of this knife sharpener makes it pop up in the kitchen. Why not have some color in the kitchen, right?

Sunrise pro is a completely eco-friendly. So, Also the limited time money back guarantee makes it even better.​


  • It can be used for all types of knives.
  • It has a strong suction cup that holds it firm to any surface.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • They offer a very good money back guarantee system.


  • It is not an electric knife sharpener.
  • It is quite small in size compared to some other knife sharpener.
  • It wears out after a short period of time.

Final Verdict

When you sharpen a knife over and over again it reduces in size considerably because it grinds off parts of your knife, but this sharpener only take out very tiny microscopic bits, and it comes at a very moderate price.

This is another lovely knife sharpener from the presto industries that gives solid professional sharpening to your knives. It is widely considered as one of the most durable in the market. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the presto 08800, it is also a bit wider and works with 120 volts as well.

The adjustable blade angle is the one of the best feature of this product. Also, The attractive design and the improvement over the previous generation of this product line makes PRESTO 08810 the best electric knife sharpener in my opinion.​


  • Easy to clean.It has a high-performance grinding system.
  • Very sleek design.
  • Adjustable blade angles.
  • It comes at a good price.
  • It uses a three-stage system.
  • Very portable.


  • One side of it sharpens better than the other.
  • It takes practice to make proper use of it.
  • It doesn’t function properly when pressure is applied.

Final Verdict

This small but mighty knife sharpener sharpens even serrated knives which are impossible for some other knife sharpeners, it has an added advanced stage above its related Presto 08800 which has two stages, and you should follow the manual closely as you can only use one side for serrated knives.

This beauty has three stages and works well for all knives including Japanese and Western kinds. It comes in a variety of colours as should all kitchen utensils and It also comes with a three-year warranty.

This is another on of CHEF'F CHOICE's master class. This one comes with a three stage system.

There's a variety of color you can choose from. So, you can get the one that suits you the most. Although it comes with a high price, it's worth it considering all the features present in this knife sharpener.​


  • It has a high-performance grinding system.
  • Flexible abrasive stopping disks.
  • Good for both straight and serrated edges.
  • Comes in a verity of colours.
  • Attractive design.
  • It uses a three-stage system.
  • For professional and commercial use.


  • It comes at a high cost.
  • It takes lots of metal of the knife blade.
  • It doesn’t work well on thin knives.
  • Manageable for paring knives.

Final Verdict

If you have really blunt knives it will literarily chop off parts of it to give it a good edge, it does a good job on serrated knives, and it is not stiff. Although some people have complained that it causes a dent to their knives I just feel it only does that to thin knives.

5 Things to consider before buying The Best Electric Knife Sharpener

In as much as it is important to have a knife sharpener at home, it is also important to ensure you do your homework before purchasing one (same goes for all utensils). This will save you time, energy, and enable you go straight to what you want and pick what suits you instead of pondering or roaming.

1.How much are you willing to spend?

This is very important as it helps you decide what range or brand of products to go for. Knowing how much exactly you intend spending saves you the stress of going through sharpeners you will not want to afford at the end.

It also restrains you from spending off-course or over spending, so make a budget and stick with it and you will get the best electric knife sharpener you can afford.

2.How durable is it?

We know that all brands or traders give their guarantee for you to purchase utensils such as motorised knife sharpeners, they say it will work for a long while without faults or repairs but this is usually to get you the customer’s attention.

If you intend patronising a particular brand then be sure to make a research on customer feedbacks and know how long it can be used without issues or damage. If you are someone who makes use of knives regularly then this point should be top on your list.

3.Does the sharpener have the features I want?

There are a lot of knife sharpeners out there so you should have a mental note of the kind of sharpener you are on the lookout for.

To be sure you get the best electric knife sharpener for you, you will need to know the different features that each one has and go for the one that fits the purpose you intend buying it for, make a comparison of your collection of knives, and pair them with a fitting one.

4.Storage space and size

Knife sharpeners again like other kitchen utensils come in different sizes, purchasing a portable one is better than acquiring a bulky sized one if it is for a family kitchen, although most bulky or huge sized knife sharpeners are mostly for high commercial grade kitchens and professional butchers.​

5.Customer complaint response and warranty

Not all manufacturers or brands give warranties with their products. It is a very good added protective step to get the ones that come with good customer complaint response rate and give good warranties, so you are assured you can get a refund or a change of item if a problem arises.​


Having gone through some of the most desired or best electric knife sharpeners we have out there, I have decided on which one of them fits the expected purpose and still gives you the price worth in measurement of the job done, efficiency and design.

The Presto 08810 Ever Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener is the best electric knife sharpener in my opinion, most knife sharpeners are more tilted to a very traditional kitchen, or a very modern kitchen type, this sharpener fits into a blend of the two perfectly.

Another reason is the durability, and the bottom holds firmly when in use and even when not in use.

Finally, the ease at which it can be operated is awesome and it does a very good job with serrated knives.

So if you want the best results from your knives and want to save yourself the stress of worrying about having to use a blunt knife to cook, go out there and get yourself the best electric knife sharpener you think fits you, it’s worth it!

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