Best water softener 2016 – Reviews and Expert Advice

Your water is hard and you are not satisfied with the quality either? Then what you need is a water softener system. In the following article we will help you to find the best water softener.

Water is vital to human health. No person can survive without this most valuable liquid in the earth. Although it is the most important thing for our survival, we cannot avoid wasting it in our day to day life.

We neglect the quality of water being consumed in our homes and offices. It is the result of rapid urbanization. At present, because of rapid urbanization, it is not easy for the people to get quick access to clean and pure drinking water.

So, to get quick access to fresh water, the experts recommend us to purchase the best water softeners available in the market.

The soft water system is a device that uses a type of regenerate agent to produce soft water.

The experts say that the substances like calcium, magnesium, and iron are the main causes of the hard water.

The materials mentioned above can stick to the pipe’s surface and block the pressure of the water supplied to homes. These minerals lead to water spots and lime scale generation.

best water softener


They affect the coffee makers and the dishwashers in the kitchen. These elements are very much demanding to be removed from the water.

At present, you will find a lot of types of water softeners in the marketplace both online and offline designed to eliminate the bacterial contaminants from the water. But the bacterial contaminants are not the most harmful elements of water.

The elements that make water hard are the most dangerous things found in the water, and they have to be treated accordingly.

The only way to get rid of the hard water is the installation of the best water softener. You can install it at your home and office. In the market, you will be able to purchase the water softener based on your needs.

The Benefits of Using the Soft Water

The soft water has a lot of advantages. Some are for the human body, and some are external to the human body. They are mentioned below.

  • It removes the scaling problem and increases the life of the appliances that you use for using the water.
  • It can moisturize the dry skin. It also has to capacity to prevent the dry skin as the pores are not clogged.
  • If you wash any glass or silver appliance with softened, they will glitter.
  • The element such as iron deforms the color of our clothes. But the soft water makes fabric last longer.
  • Another most significant benefit is the taste of the water. It eliminates the factors that create the odor in the water. Hence, the taste of the water is improved.
  • The machine is very much easy to install as it comes fully assembled and ready for plumbing.
  •  It is prescribed for the homes having 7 to 8 family members requiring 11-20 gallons of water per day. People with very little or no knowledge will be able to use it comfortably.
  •  Some customers complain regarding the price of the machine. But the advanced features will make you overlook the price.



10 Best Water Softener Reviews

Now let’s see some of the best water softener available in the market right now. We’ve manage to list 10 best water softener system after weeks of research and expert data.

Here, we will discuss about the top 10 water softeners of this year. We will be pondering on the features of each of the water softener and how you can benefit from them.

Fleck 5600sxt water softener

The tank is made of poly glass. The cycles of the machine are programmable. It is a digital metered water softener. You will get the softener in two colors. The color includes almond or black. The limited years of warranty that comes with the machine is incredible. The warranty of the device should attract anyone.

Fleck 5600sxt water softener


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The 5600XT digital control system will bypass valve. It contains a one-inch plumbing adapter which is also called yoke. It can treat up to 12 GPM flow rates. 3 to 6 people can benefit from this machine. The weight of the machine is 147 pounds with the dimension of about 10*10*54 inches.



  • compact design.
  • Mouthwatering limited year warranty.
  • Poly glass made tank.
  • Programmable and digital metered.

Watts RV PRO 1000 OR M7002 10000 Grains Portable Water Softener

It is very much different from the other water softening and purification system because it is portable. You will be able to set it anywhere in your house according to your requirement. Hence, you will get much flexibility in this regard. You will get fresh water supply up to 10,000 gallons over the lifetime.

Watts RV PRO 1000


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The weight of the machine makes it more portable and comfortable to use. The average weight of the machine is about 9 pounds. It has a dimension of 21*9.5*9 inches. Although it is a Chinese product, it is of high quality having the all the features of a premium quality water softener.



  • 10,000 gallons of water in one life time.
  • Portable and lightweight.

Aquios FS-234 Whole House Jumbo Water Softener

The machine is specially designed for the industrial or large residential homes. The users will get combined filtration and softening mechanism in the same machine. It will provide you much comfort and flexibility while purifying water. You will not have to purchase any device separately for the filtration of the water as you are getting both the benefits in the same machine.

Aquios FS-234 whole house water softener


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The cartridge size of the device is 4.5 inches. The capacity of the machine is huge. It will be able to provide you up to 60,000 gallons of water per day. The weight of the machine is only 19 pounds with dimension of 11*16*26.



  • 60,000 gallons of water in one life time.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Industrial quality.
  • Easy installation.

Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c Water Conditioner

It is not only a water softener but also a water conditioner. So, you will get both the benefits from this machine. It is a salt water softener. Hence, you must consider the undesirable health consequences of using the water treatment system declared by various health organizations. It is a massive weight water treatment system having the weight of about 91 pounds.

Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c Water Conditioner


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The dimension of the water purification system is 18.2*13.2*48 inches. So it is a gigantic sized water softener with light weight. The users will get much flexibility while installing the machine because it is often difficult to install the heavyweight machines.



  • Acts as both softener and conditioner.
  • Easy to install despite being big.

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener

It has a compact size. Hence, there is no element attached to the water softener device. Everything is attached inside the equipment. Along with the filter, you will get a filter. Hence, you will not have to purchase the filter separately. It contains a 20-micron whole house dirt and sediment filter inbuilt. It is a kind of machine which will not waste any water during the filtration procedure.

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener


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Only the contaminants will be eliminated from the water. The machine does not make much noise during its operation. The users will be able to enjoy the water without tolerating any noise. It is a very heavyweight filter with the weight of 73.2 pounds. The dimension of the filter is 18.8*14.8*25.8 inches.



  • Compact design.
  • Silent mechanism.
  • very little water waste.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative

It is a fantastic water softener with a unique design. The buyers will be able to differentiate it from the other water purification machines very quickly. The overall structure is very eye catching. It reduces limescale in the home and business. The customers will be able to install it very easily because of the simple user interface. It can emulate softened water without altering the TDS.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative


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The most attractive fact about the softener is that it comes with a limited year 100% money back guarantee. Such offer is not found on other devices. It is a very lightweight water purification system with the average weight of 1.4 pounds only. The dimension of the machine is 6.7*1.6*3.5 inches.



  • Money back warranty.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to install and comfortable to use.

602abc Water Fleck 5600sxt Metered On-demand 48,000 Grain Water Softener

It is a digital metered water softener. It can regenerate based on the hardness of the water. The capacity of the water softener is huge. It can easily meet the demand of 2 to 5 people. High-quality components have been used in the production of the machine. Hence, you can expect the machine to last longer. The device will improve your shower water which will not harm your skin tone and hair.

602abc Water Fleck 5600sxt Metered On-demand 48,000 Grain Water Softener

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The life of other kitchen and water related appliances will also extend because of the elimination of the contaminants. The weight of the machine makes is immovable. It has the weight of 150 pounds with the capacity of 48,000 gallons of water supply. The machine is easy to install and adjust.



  • Easy installation despite being huge.
  • 48,000 gallons of  water supply.
  • Fast and efficient.

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System – Model AP902

It contains non-corrosive stainless steel head which facilitates sweat in place installation. It includes a carbon filter which reduces chlorine taste and odor from the water. Hence, it will be easy for you to enjoy the clean and crispy water. The materials used in the system are FDA and CFR-21 compliant. It has high flow rate which will be able to provide you 20 gallons of water of 75 liters per minute.

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System - Model AP902


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The cartridges of the filters are easily removable. They are also widely available in the market. Hence, you will not have to waste time and effort to find them out. They are also not costly. The weight of the machine is 9.1 pounds with a dimension of 25.1*4.5*4.5 inches. It is suitable for small family needs.



  • Lightweight and beautiful design.
  • Easily removable cartridges.
  • Affordable and efficient.

Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System

It is a salt-free water filtration system. It contains commercial grade descaler which eliminates hard water deposits. It is an all in one system that conditions, filters, and flushes out the scale without the loss of any pressure. Hence, you will get the maximum flow while taking water. The compact design of the machine requires maintenance and electricity.

Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System

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If you desire, you will be able to program the machine according to your requirement. The cartridge life of the machine is six months. So, the users will not have to change the cartridge often. If will be enough if you purchase the cartridge twice a year.



  • Compact design.
  • Long lasting cartridge.
  • Commercial grade descaler.

Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner

It removes scale build-up due to hard water. The machine works equally well on both hot and cold water. It will make the cleaning of ceramic, plastic, glass and metal surfaces very easy. Often you will find scaly crust or stains in the toilets, under faucets, and the kitchen appliances. Such scales make the items look disgusting.

Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner

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To get rid of such disgusting elements, you have to use the clear wave CW-125 salt-free water softener. It works as both as a water softener and conditioner. The machine is not much heavy. The average weight is only 2.6 pounds. The origin of the equipment is China. The dimension of the device is 4*14*12 inches.



  • Works as both conditioner and softener.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Works on hot water as well as on cold water.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Water Softener

If you consider the following factors, it will be very easy to find out the best water softener for your house. You will be able to stay safe from the inferior quality products that are widely available in the market.

The unethical vendors often try to defraud the unaware customers by providing the low-quality water softener.

So, it is necessary to consider the following factors before making the purchase. Let’s have a look at them:



The best water softening machine that you are about the buy has to be durable.

If you fail to purchase the durable one, you will have to spend additional fund for repairing and replacement purpose.

On the other hand, the durable machine will provide you service for a longer period without incurring any additional cost.

So, it is the factor which you will have to consider very seriously whatever machine you purchase. It is a rule of thumb to consider the durability of any object before making the purchase.


Safety of the Softener:

To ensure the security of the machine you are buying, you should consider the certification issue very seriously. The softener has to be EPA and NSF certified.

These are the regulatory bodies which certify the safety aspect of any machine. In most of the states, it is necessary to get certification from these two institutions to be able to sell in the market.

The buyers must avoid the softeners with no certification.

To ensure safety, you should check whether the machine will be flexible and comfortable for use or not.


Capacity Issue:

You should avoid the water softeners that do not have to ability to fulfill your family needs.

To be able to determine the size of the machine, you will have to calculate the gallons of water you or your family requires to drink each day.

In most of the cases, the capacity of the water filter or the softener is expressed regarding gallons. In the market, the water softeners of all the capacity are available.

If you can accurately determine the required size, it will be very much easy for you to find out and purchase your desired one.



And last but not the least the best water softener must have warranty. It is a crucial aspect to consider while buying any machines or objects.

You must not overlook this aspect if you are investing a significant amount of money for purchasing the water softener.

Warranty will not only save money, but it will also provide you peace of mind.

The warranty may come in various levels. Some vendors offer warranty for the lifetime. But warranty of 2 to 3 years is typical in the marketplace based on the price of the machine.

The number of warranty year is relatively higher in the case of the capital machinery. So, the buyers should consider this aspect very carefully.

 Types of Water Softeners

At present, the people are becoming very much aware of the side effects of drinking hard water. As a result, the demand for the water softener has increased significantly.

You will find various kinds of devices for treating water in the market.

In general, you will find two types of water treatment machines. They include- Salt-free water softener and salt based water softener.

  • Salt Based Water Softening Machine:

It is the most desired kind of water softener all over the world. The device uses salt or sodium chloride to soften the hard water.

The salt is loaded inside the tank in pellets so that it can charge up the resin and ions of the water softener.

After the completing of the recharging, the beads flush off calcium and magnesium pollutants and replace them such minerals with sodium.

The sodium changes the texture of the water from rough to smooth which results in soft water.

So, by soft water, it means water free from hard elements like magnesium and calcium which are also not good for our body.

But the salt based water softening system does not eliminate the items because they are required in our body in small amount but their excessive consumption may lead to diseases.

But in recent times, various health organizations are raising voice against this type of water treatment system because of involvement of salt in the treatment process.

There are a lot of people who are in the risk of kidney failure and heart diseases. They claim that if people keep drinking water in which salt is present, a lot of undesirable health consequences may take place.

Hence, in some states of USA, the use of the salt based water softening mechanism has been questioned and discouraged.

To substitute this type of water softening system potassium and hydrogen regeneration was introduced in those states.

  • Salt-Free Water Softener:

They are also one called salt free water softening appliance because it does not use salt in the treatment of water. It removes all the limitations of the salt based water cleaning system.

Instead of using salt, the system uses other kinds of mechanisms to treat water and make it ready for drinking.

Such machines are as efficient as the salt based ones because their functions are same.

On the other hand, they do not require salt to remove minerals from water and make it soft. The buyers can purchase three types of the salt-free water treatment system.

They include magnetic, electronic, and chelation salt-free water treatment system.

The electronic salt-free water softening machine uses electric pulses to treat any suspended calcium and magnesium particles. Hence, there is not scaling effect in the water, and you get soft drinking water.

The magnetic water softening system creates a magnetic field which can change the structure, morphology, and the composition of hard water.



So, we hope the above reviews of the best water softener will help you to recognize and buy the right machine for your residence. The salient features of the best water softener based on the above discussion include the quality of materials used at the time of production, the dimension and weight of the machine, durability, and the safety. Proper consideration of these factors will assist you to make the right decision while purchasing the water softener.


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